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Current Sale Listings

Available Birds
as of 02/04/24


Buff, Runner, or mixed drakes.  $10 each.  
White Muscovy drakes.  $10 - $15 each.

Roosters - Silkie, Silkie mix, Sex-Link.  $5 each or make an offer.

Young guineas.  Mostly pearl and pearl pied.  $12 or $15 each depending on size.  

Available Eggs
as of 02/04/24

Chicken Eggs
White, brown, and green farm fresh eggs for eating are available for $3 a dozen.  
Very limited supply at this time of season.  

Available Miscellaneous
as of 02/04/24

Brahma Cross Bull and Heifer, will be 2 years old this year.
Brahma Cross Bull, will be 1 year old this year.  
Inquire for Pricing.

Still have some extra Red Potatoes left.  Feel free to inquire what is specifically available at the moment as supply always varies.  

Homemade Goods
Pepper Jelly and Pepper Apple Jelly.  $8 a half pint.  

Quantity and availability varies, so just contact us for details.