Snoozin' Goose Ranch

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Current Sale Listings

Available Birds
as of 02/20/20


Doves - Ringneck Doves.  $5 each.

Ducks -  Adult Runner drakes.  $5 each.  Have a few extras left.  

Chickens - Adult Silkie and Sex-Link roosters.  FREE.  Have a bunch of extra ones left (especially Silkie).

Pheasant - Silver Pheasant adult males.  $5 each.


Finches - Zebra finches.  $10 each.

Available Eggs
as of 02/20/20
(Shipping Available for Hatching Eggs)

Chicken Eggs - White, brown, and the occasional green farm fresh eggs for eating are available for $2 a dozen.  

Quantity and availability varies, so just contact us for details.