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Current Sale Listings

Available Birds
as of 08/12/23


Young Buff drakes.  $10 each.  
Adult white Muscovy drakes.  $10 - $15 each.
Ducklings, mix of Buff and Runner, (possibly Silver Appleyard, but they all look mainly like Buff and Runner), about 6 weeks old.  $7 each

Adult roosters, Silkie and one Silkie Mix.  $5 each.
Chicks, straight run Silkies and Silkie Mix, a couple weeks old.  $3 each.

Keets, mix of colors.  Over a month old.  $6 each.  
A couple weeks old.  $5 each.

Chukar Partridges
Chicks over a week old.  $3 each.

Coturnix, mix of colors.  Several weeks old.  $2 each.
Chicks, going on a few weeks old.  $1.50 each.

Available Eggs
as of 08/12/23

Chicken Eggs
White, brown, and green farm fresh eggs for eating are available for $3 a dozen.  
Black and Red Sex-Link or Silkie hatching eggs are availablel for $7 a dozen.

Duck Eggs
Duck eggs for eating.  $4 a dozen.
Mixed duck (Runner, Buff, Silver Appleyard) hatching eggs.  $10 a dozen.

Partridge Eggs
Chukar Partridge hatching eggs.  $10 a dozen.

Guinea Eggs
Guinea hatching eggs.  Mixed colors - pearl, pied, white, lavender.  $8 a dozen.

Quail Eggs
Coturnix quail hatching eggs.  Mix of colors.  $5 a dozen.

Available Miscellaneous
as of 08/12/23

Yearling Brahma Cross Bull.  $1,000 or best offer.

Various garden vegetables.  Green Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, etc.  Feel free to inquire what is specifically available at the moment as supply always varies.

Quantity and availability varies, so just contact us for details.